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Today's Commentary
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This is it.

This is the end game for Europe we've been warning you about ... the trigger mechanism for a chain reaction of events that can change our world ... and, at the same time, a huge opportunity for you.

With Greece's financial system collapsing and Greek citizens rushing to withdraw their savings, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has just shuttered all of the nation's banks ... closed the stock exchanges ... imposed capital controls ... and made final preparations for default.

The IMF and European authorities seem to think they can just turn off life support, let Greece go, bury the bodies and move on.

The truth: No one, not even the most astute leaders of our time, can possibly foresee, let alone control, all the unpredictable consequences.

The authorities also seem to think that they have mechanisms in place to protect Portugal, Italy, Spain and other PIIGS countries at risk.

The truth: Even in the outside chance that they're right, what about all the European countries at even greater risk that aren't even on their radar screen? What about Bulgaria, the poorest member of the European Union, where soon-to-fail Greek banks have a big presence? What about Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and other European nations where Greek banks have also made major inroads?

Their biggest self-deception of all: They believe they can firehose the flames of panic, calm the entire world, and control market forces. That's obviously not true, never was. No one knows where the shock waves will lead.

But we do know this: It is already creating an entirely new phase of the Global Money Tsunami we've been telling you about all along.

I'm referring to the massive amounts of flight capital that's now rushing to the highest quality assets ... in the world's largest safe country ... with the most liquid financial markets the United States.

The immediate knee-jerk reaction of our markets will be a decline of course. But just imagine what will happen as hundreds of billions in euros rush into market!

And ...

Imagine what could happen if their money pours into stocks you already own!

That's an important point: All that "scared money" all that flight capital is controlled by some of the smartest high-net-worth individuals and institutions in the world: Investors who are running away from danger and risk, not seeking more danger or risk.

They are NOT going to buy just any stocks with their money.

They are NOT looking to make a quick killing with a handful of obscure, fly-by-night companies.

They are SURELY not looking to lose it with high-risk, high-volatility stocks that could crater the next time the market hiccups.

They're looking for the very best of the best: Stocks that will zealously protect and preserve their principal ... and that also are the most likely to deliver large gains.

They're looking for the safest, highest potential
investments money can buy ...

The very same kind of investments I'm already
buying and holding in my 1%atRisk Portfolio!


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